Welcome to the upcoming website dedicated to the promotion of Foreign Direct Investment in the Grand Est region / Eastern France, a mission entrusted by the Regional Authorities to Grand E-Nov+ agency.

Invest Eastern France is hosted by Grand E-Nov+, the regional agency in charge of innovation and FDI prospection.

Invest Eastern France relies on a team of multilingual professionals with an average 20 years’ experience. Its services are free and confidential.

“Partner Invest Eastern France” is a common brand shared with local economic development agencies in order to support and finalize foreign investment initiatives on the Grand Est territory.

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Our missions

As of july 1st, 2020, Invest Eastern France has taken over this mission from Access Alsace, while extending its jurisdiction to the whole territory of Grand Est, in order to :

Define and implement a regional strategy and action plan for the detection of FDI projects

Organize the regional partners' network

Support companies and project bearers until they set up on the territory