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CyVault is the European subsidiary of Quebec-based PM SCADA CyberDefence, founded in 2009 by leading cybersecurity and cyberdefence architects. As a member of the CQTNC, the company chose in 2020 to establish itself in Oberhausbergen (Bas-Rhin) in Eastern France in order to meet the needs of its European customers as closely as possible.

His promise: “Real-time services require real-time defence”.

CyVault: facts & figures

  • Nationality: Canadian (Quebec)
  • Business line: cyber defence and cybersecurity
  • Date of creation: 2009 for PM SCADA Inc
  • Date of establishment in Eastern France: October 2020
  • Staff: 2 employees in Eastern France

Services offered by CyVault

CyVault is positioned as a global leader in cyberdefence, providing the most advanced comprehensive protection for businesses and organizations of all sizes against existing and emerging threats.

Its innovation focuses on

  • Critical Infrastructure (CI),
  • information technology (IT),
  • the Internet of Things (xIoT)
  • and the Cloud.

The company also has a unique laboratory in Quebec that hosts the most advanced tests and the most innovative initiatives in order to guarantee the lowest MTTR (Mean Time To Recovery) after an attack or breach. The aim of this approach is to protect the most complex ecosystems in real time using methodologies based on consequences and not only on risks, thus providing the most effective level of protection. This laboratory is constantly evolving, solving the challenges of the battlefield, such as the “attribution of the source of the attack” and the “recognition of false negatives”.

To learn more about CyVault: visit its web

To learn more about the digital sector in Eastern France : visit our dedicated webpage

Testimonial of Charles Berson Dietsch, CEO of CyVault France

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