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SpacePharma is a Swiss-Israeli company that develops miniaturized laboratories installed aboard satellites, space shuttles or space stations and controlled remotely. These intelligent microgravity laboratories, weighing just 4 kg, make it possible to carry out real-time remote tests in orbit, particularly in the field of life science, pharma and biotech companies.

SpacePharma has already carried out 7 space missions to conduct this type of research project and wishes to continue its international development. For this reason, the company has chosen to establish its European headquarters within the International Space University’s incubator, located within the Innovation Park of the Strasbourg agglomeration in Illkirch-Graffenstaden, Eastern France. Ten highly qualified jobs are expected to be created over the next three years in the new site.

SpacePharma: facts & figures

  • Nationality: Swiss-Israeli
  • Business activity : miniaturized laboratories to be installed in space
  • Date of creation : 2012
  • Date of establishment in Eastern France : December 2022
  • Staff: 2 employees in Eastern France

Services offered by SpacePharma‘s laboratories

The microgravity conditions of space provide a unique environment for research and development, and soon even for production, in the fields of life sciences, health and biotech.

For example, conditions on board satellites, space shuttles or space stations make it possible to:

  • Acceleration of cell ageing;
  • the accelerated turnover of certain stem cells;
  • the crystallisation of proteins;
  • the analysis of bacterial growth and the study of antibiotic resistance;
  • the possibility for cells to assemble into 3D structures . . .

These physical and chemical conditions, which are almost impossible to reproduce on Earth, open great opportunities, in particular for the improvement and acceleration of preclinical models as well as disease modelling, product development and new tools.

That’s why SpacePharma’s miniaturized and remote-controlled laboratory space platforms offer the opportunity to explore new opportunities for breakthrough innovations with significant time and money savings in fields as diverse as:

  • pharmaceuticals,
  • cosmetics,
  • medical research,
  • food technology,
  • and even materials science. . .

To date, 8 research missions have already been carried out in partnership with SpacePharma’s solutions for miniaturized laboratories operated in space. Space X and Arianespace provided most space launches of these miniature laboratories.

Testimonial of Paul KAMOUN, CEO of SpacePharma EU

Contact within the company

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