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Wood industry: Laglasse adopts the MOSL brand

The Laglasse company, specialised in the production of staves since 1988 and producer of wood for oenology since 1994, will start to stamp its products with the MOSL brand.

What is the MOSL brand?

MOSL, an abbreviation for “Moselle sans limite” (Moselle without limts) is a shared brand initiated by Moselle Attractivité with the aim of stimulating the implementation of innovative projects. The brand embodies the spirit of reinvention and the territory’s desire to stand out.

Laglasse: A company in the wood industry with an international outlook

Laglasse is the only company that manufactures wooden wine products and exports 80% of its production worldwide/ Since 2021, the company has also started producing street furniture under the ETIOAK brand. Proud of its origins, Laglasse will then integrate the MOSL brand on its next products to make Eastern France radiate in the world.

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