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Bio-based materials

Innovative, competitive, specialized: the building and construction sector is very dynamic in Eastern France. The abundance of its natural resources quickly led it to position itself as a leader in new bio-sourced materials. 

Key figures

  • 1st French region for wood construction
  • 1st European hemp producing region

Eastern France, a leading region in the wood and hemp sector  

As the leading French region for the production of wood and construction technologies, Eastern France has developed a range of skills around the sector in the “Wood Valley”, which is home to nearly 1,000 wood processing companies representing 13,000 jobs.   

The Region is also a forerunner in the production of hemp, providing 50% of French production and 34% of European production. The region also hosts the European Hemp Cluster project, which aims to set up an innovative organisation of the hemp sector.    

Training and competitiveness: a perfectly organised industry  

Build & Connect is the only competitiveness cluster dedicated to building materials and technologies with a view to energy efficiency and sustainable development.

The Materalia cluster is dedicated to structural materials and implementation processes. Their proximity allows companies to maximize local resources to enhance their innovation and competitiveness.

The European Hemp Hub brings together and federates all the players in the hemp value chain, from upstream to downstream, and its various application markets within a multi-stakeholder and multi-market cooperative ecosystem. Based in Troyes, in the Aube, the historical and main area of hemp cultivation, this territory accounts for 50% of French production and 20% of European production. Its history and background allow it to be a true demonstrator of the possibilities of the hemp ecosystem. A local anchor, a capacity for international outreach. The European Hemp Hub aims to develop the markets and outlets for hemp by providing structured answers to all actors in the hemp sectors and to all territories.

In addition to the talent pool represented by the region’s universities, Eastern France is home to several schools and research centres in the field of wood: the Campus des Métiers et Qualifications Bois Grand Est, ENSITB (École Nationale Supérieure des Technologies et Industries du Bois), FRD (Fibres Recherche Développement, a private innovation company). . .