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Financial support

If money is the key to success, it is also the key to business. Setting up in France or Europe means making a long-term commitment by mobilising significant human and financial resources. Like any investment, it must be balanced, appropriate and optimised. With Invest Eastern France, identify and mobilise all available public and private aid programmes.

Public financial aid

The European Union is committed to promoting free and fair economic competition. In this logic, public aid is limited to specific cases linked to the nature of the company, its project or its location. Tax exemptions may also be applied to certain territories or to specific activities or investments (R&D, renewable energy). An analysis of your project will enable us to direct you towards the relevant programmes

Private aid

Territories suffering from industrial site closures are subject to revitalisation plans, through the creation of funds to finance new job creation.

Recovery Plans, Future Investment Plans

The State regularly sets up special funds to finance projects that meet a global objective (food or medical safety, e-health, supply chain reduction, etc.).

Private Financing

If the ambition of your project exceeds your own financial capacities, private financing may be a solution. Local options exist: venture capital companies, business angels, public banks (BPI, Banque des Territoires) or private banks.

Invest Eastern France helps you to identify and mobilise public aid and private financing to optimise the financial set-up of your project.