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The digital sector in Eastern France

As a leading sector in Eastern France, the digital sphere has strong representation and support. Companies, startups, incubators, training: everything is deployed to encourage your establishment.   

Key figures

  • 9,000 companies including 1,500 startups  
  • 34,000 jobs including 30,100 employees  
  • 10,000 researchers  
  • 24 university training programmes  

Eastern France’s ambitious digital ecosystem  

Eastern France has a large network of entrepreneurs in the digital sector, ranging from large internationally renowned companies, to startups & scale-ups in full effervescence. Support is provided by incubators, the regional accelerator and numerous associations such as Grand Est Numérique, some of which have cross-border collaborations.  

The Region has high-performance infrastructures in the field of fibre optics, data centres and operators, and has a supercomputer, Romeo, with 1 petaflop/s available to companies. Eastern France is also part of a European dynamic via its Grand Est Artificial Intelligence Plan, the Grand Est Business Act and its active participation in the European EDIH and GAIA-X projects.   

Training and research: a diverse and efficient supply 

There are major engineering schools present in the territory, including ENSISa, SupdeWeb…In addition, 33 courses hold the “Grande école du numérique” label.   

Eastern France and its border area have one of the highest concentrations of R&D laboratories in Europe, particularly in the computer science, imaging, AI and robotics sectors.  

2024 events of digital sector not to be missed in Eastern France!

You can also find on our dedicated page all the fairs that Invest Eastern France will attend this year, do not hesitate to contact us if you want to organise an exchange on these occasions!