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R&D Centre

With over 400 companies, major research and training institutes and eight incubators of excellence, Eastern France is a centre of research and development. 

The region attracts foreign companies with its excellent research institutes, universities and hospital infrastructure, as well as strong regional and national support tools.  

The Eastern France Region has an innovation-oriented R&D ecosystem.  

With two billion euros in private R&D expenditure, 12,000 public and private researchers, 180 R&D laboratories and five active Nobel Prize winners, the R&D ecosystem in Eastern France cannot fail to impress. The region is one of the largest scientific centres in France and ranks first for chemistry. It is home to three national public research establishments: CNRS, INSERM and INRA. 

Research is also supported by the presence of world-renowned institutes such as the IGBMC, one of Europe’s leading biomedical research centres, the IRCAD, a leader in research and training in minimally invasive surgery, ISIS, a unique site for multidisciplinary research… among many others. A centre of excellence in biology, biotechnology, medicine, chemistry, materials physics and space sciences, Eastern France is also active in the development of social sciences. Furthermore, looking to the future, the region is invested in digital health and industry 4.0.


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