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Eastern France, with its exceptional accessibility and its strategic location in the heart of Europe, is an ideal place to develop logistics activities.

As the only French region to have four borders with Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland, the Eastern France Region is at the centre of the most important European markets.

Today, Eastern France has more than 5,500 transport and logistics companies, allowing future companies to join a flourishing network with nearly 300,000 m2 of new or renovated warehouses and an abundance of motorway, rail and waterway transport infrastructures.

Being well connected to its environment, the Region benefits from a large number of multimodal platforms allowing an efficient interconnection between all means of transport. From bulk goods to containers, heavy packages, hazardous materials or temperature-controlled goods, all types of goods can be handled.

In addition, the Region has set up the Portail Logistique Grand Est (Logistics Portal of Eastern France) with the aim of facilitating access to targeted information on all aspects of logistics such as infrastructure, jobs and locations to name but a few. The portal is also intended to improve the sharing of knowledge in the field and to enhance the social utility of logistics activities for the territory, its companies and its inhabitants.

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