Lorraine, multifaceted and daring 

As the only French territory to share its borders with three countries, Lorraine is a land of excellence. It perfectly combines recognised industrial and craft know-how with a strong taste for new economic challenges.   

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In Lorraine, companies with an international outlook and a commitment to innovation are perfectly placed.

Employment areas

Lorraine is a vast and heterogeneous territory, with each department radiating out in its own way, around four metropolitan areas. 


The attractiveness of the beautiful city of Nancy is expressed on a daily basis with initiatives that encourage the establishment and development of businesses. Its warm welcome, combined with its gentle way of life, make it an ideal spot for all activities. 

Nancy employment area

557 067
212 716
232 356
total job


The Moselle prefecture is just a few steps away from Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg. International businesses has always been second nature to Metz: a major asset for development in Europe and elsewhere.  

Metz employment area

445 263
184 633
197 564
total jobs


Epinal, the economic pillar of the Vosges department, has turned its natural setting into a strength. The paper industry, the food industry and tourism have long been established here, with the associated know-how.

Epinal employment area

185 052
63 758
71 535
total jobs


As the capital of the Meuse department, the town that was once known as “la belle endormie” (the sleeping beauty) now reveals its tourist and economic assets in order to assert its identity.

Bar-le-duc employment area

67 445
27 657
30 282
total jobs

Infrastructure and connectivity 

At the crossroads of Europe, off-centre but efficiently connected, Lorraine is never far from Paris or foreign markets.   

  • Bordering Germany, Luxembourg and Belgium   
  • 1 airport (25 km from Metz and 35 km from Nancy)  
  • 1 TGV station (1h20 from Paris CDG)   
  • Quality road network, fluid interconnections to Paris, Strasbourg, Germany… 

Economic sectors, research and training 

Historically focused on industry and predominantly rural, Lorraine is reinventing itself, driven in particular by its unique geographical location. It is now making a name for itself in new technologies, while preserving the heritage of its historical know-how. 

  • Territory labelled French Tech (LorNtech/ French Tech East: 2,000 companies, 10,000 jobs)   
  • Lorraine Incubator  
  • Carnot Energy Environment Institute in Lorraine (I.C.E.E.L.) – I.C.E.E.L. implements an interdisciplinary approach in the field of complex systems engineering which allows the generation of innovative industrial partnerships, mainly in the fields of energy and the environment.  
  • Innovation clusters (Materalia – materials and processes ; Pôle véhicule du futur – urban or peri-urban vehicles + organisation of mobility from a sustainable development perspective; Aquanova development of innovative products and services around water quality and ecosystems)  
  • SATT Grand-Est in Lorraine  
  • INRIA Centre in Nancy (National Institute for Research in Digital Science and Technology) with a focus on forestry and wood / sustainable management of agricultural areas / biosynthesis and biomass development  
  • Cluster (Aériades – space and defence aeronautics) 
  • Innovative and efficient university with 60 research laboratories  
  • Advanced craft skills (crystal glassworks, Liffol seats > 1st PGI in France for manufactured products). 

They are located in Lorraine

Alk Abello
Pharmaceutical industry
Metal working industry
Food industry
Glass and optical products
Automotive industry
Saint Gobain
Material products
Automotive industry
Steel industry

Tourism and quality of life  

Mondial Air Balloon gathering in the heart of Lorraine natural reserve
International Air Balloon gathering in the heart of Lorraine natural reserve

A land of excellence, Lorraine cultivates an art of living centred around its values, where culture, gastronomy and nature hold a predominant place.   

With its rich and well-preserved historical heritage, the Lorraine area offers a lavish journey with treasures such as Stanislas Square in Nancy and Metz Cathedral. Lorraine is also a great open-air book of contemporary history: the Maginot Line, citadels and, of course, Verdun are must-sees that are always full of emotion.   

Nature is omnipresent and also contributes to the identity of the region, which offers landscapes full of serenity where it is good to walk, ski or cycle. As for culture, it is in Metz that it has found its setting with the Centre Pompidou-Metz with its breathtaking architecture.   

  • Culture: Lorraine National Opera, museums, military and historical sites   
  • Gastronomy: 14 Michelin-starred restaurants, Mirabelle plum festival   
  • Leisure, nature and sport: leisure park (Fraispertuis) and animal park (Sainte-Croix), green tourism, skiing.