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Sales and Marketing

Your new site in France or in Europe is intended to contribute to the company’s development, in particular by conquering new markets. Representative office, commercial subsidiary, regional agency, all with the same objective: to increase sales. Eastern France offers you an ideal environment to meet this objective.

The heart of the European market

At the crossroads of the 2 main European markets, Germany and France, our Region is at the heart of the main concentration of end consumers as well as industrial and B2B accounts on the continent. It is an ideal gateway for companies from Northern and Eastern Europe, and provides access to French-speaking markets as far as Africa and the Middle East.  For Asian and American companies, it is the commercial barycenter for Western European markets.

Its network of human-sized metropolises and its communication infrastructure make it an ideal base camp for your business development.

A rich talent pool

The high industrial density of Eastern France makes it a breeding ground for technical and commercial skills in all fields of activity. Its major business schools (EMS Strasbourg, ICN Nancy, NEOMA Reims, … ) and universities train internationally oriented professionals, buoyed by the natural bilingualism of a portion of the population. Linguistic competence is encouraged by cross-border exchanges and the strong presence of foreign companies on the territory.

Competitive operational costs

For B2B activities, the high industrial density of Eastern France and neighboring territories (Switzerland, Baden-Württemberg, Saarland, Luxembourg, Wallonia, Hauts-de-France, Paris Region, …) reduces customer acquisition costs.  But also: salaries are lower, real estate is more accessible, mobility is easier, quality of life is better. There are many real estate opportunities in the tertiary, industrial and residential sectors. The loyalty of the personnel will ensure you a limited HR turnover for a greater efficiency of operation.

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