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Rational is a German group with an international presence and specialised in thermal food preparation. The company has chosen to establish its support and sales functions for France in Wittenheim, in Alsace, as well as its production site for its multifunctional jumping machine.  

Rational in a few figures

  • Nationality: German
  • Sector of activity: equipment for catering
  • Date of creation : 1973
  • Date of establishment in the Grand East: 1992
  • Staff: 84 staff

Why did you choose Eastern France to set up your business ?

Historically, Rational used to have a distributor in the Alsace region for a long time: Frima, a leading kitchen company. In 1992, this historical partner became a subsidiary when it became part of the Rational Group. Collaborations have always been strong between Rational and Frima, who stand out globally thanks to their high-performance cooking solutions, gathered under a single brand since 2018.

The strategic decision to integrate Frima is important for the group, as it allows the development of synergies in procurement and R&D between France and Germany. And, of course, being close to the border allows you to take advantage of a unique position and proximity between the two countries

Does the territory meet your development needs in France? 

Rational is growing rapidly, and France is one of our largest markets. Having a presence in Eastern France was therefore essential. In order to cope with our growing business, we doubled the production capacity of the Wittenheim site in 2016, and will increase it further with a new plant scheduled to be commissioned in 2023, again in Wittenheim.

All this has been possible thanks to the availability of ground in the region. And we were well supported by the local economic partners, who were with us during the implementation of this construction project. This will also benefit employment in the Wittenheim district.

Contact within the company

Jean-Baptiste François,

Director of Marketing and Presales – Deputy Managing Director


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