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Hartmann announces an investment of 25 million at its Lièpvre site (Eastern France)

The German group HARTMANN, specialized in medical devices, has announced an investment of 25 million euros at its French production site in Lièpvre (Haut-Rhin – Eastern France), in order to develop the site and to host a new production line dedicated to the Incontinence business.

An investment that is part of an environmental approach

A new production line is scheduled to be installed in 2024. Measuring 80 to 100 metres in length and more automated than those already in production, it will allow the release of a new generation of absorbent briefs, more efficient and soaking faster than those already on sale.

These developments will be carried out with a view to energy efficiency and respect for the environment. Thus, the raising of the roof, necessary for these new facilities, has been thought and designed with this environmental perspective, in particular the structure of the building, which will be able to accommodate facilities allowing better energy performance (air treatment plant, solar panels, etc. ). The new, less energy-intensive line will also reduce waste – both in the use of raw materials and in the packaging of products.

Investments in 2022 and 2023 for anchoring in Eastern France

In 2021, the HARTMANN Group had already announced an investment of 25 million euros to develop a new hydrocellular dressings production line, the Évolution line, which was inaugurated in October 2022.

By investing in France, and more specifically at its Lièpvre site, the German group is opting for European production. Indeed, with its territorial roots and industrial excellence, HARTMANN France is the last manufacturer in France of certain ranges of medical devices, particularly compresses for home care.

With these investments and the modernization of its operations, HARTMANN France is committed to developing ever more innovative solutions to meet the needs of patients and caregivers. These investments also make it possible to sustain the 650 or so jobs working in the Eastern France region, particularly those at the production site – 250 in the Medical section and 170 in the Incontinence section.

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