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Human ressources

Eastern France has large employment pools, with a motivated, talented, well-trained and multilingual workforce. This will make your recruitment easier.

Higher Education in Eastern France

Higher education in our Region is of an excellent, diversified and international level. It has attracted students from all over France and the rest of the world. With more than 209,000 students, including 28,000 foreign students, the region ranks second in France after Paris for attracting foreign students.   

Eastern France offers a high-performance education system adapted to the needs of companies with a complete range of high-level courses. The region is particularly well known in the fields of chemistry, biology and life sciences. 

The universities of Alsace, together with those of Freiburg, Karlsruhe and Basel, form EUCOR – The European Campus / European Confederation of Upper Rhine Universities.  Students and trainees can take advantage of a variety of tri-national programmes offered in the two neighbouring countries. 

A tradition of industry

An industrial region for 200 years, Eastern France remains a leading manufacturing platform in France and Europe. The needs of industry are taken into account in the definition of the training offer both by the State (Universities) and by local authorities within the high schools and training centres for apprentices, with specialisations linked to the fields of mechanics (boilermakers, welders, machine tool operators, etc.), plastics processing (mould makers, etc.), electronics (electricians, etc. ), plastics processing (mould makers, etc.), electronics (electricians, telecom technicians, etc.), pharmaceuticals (laboratory technicians, clean room technicians, etc.), logistics, etc. 

Focus on Apprenticeships 

Apprenticeship training, in partnership with industry, is particularly developed and encouraged.