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Seats and HQ

Are you looking for a location for your French or European headquarters that combines accessibility, access to the human and technical resources, proximity to your markets, quality of life and affordable costs? Metz, Nancy, Mulhouse, Reims, Strasbourg, Troyes, the metropolises of Eastern France welcome you! 

European markets within reach 

At the heart of one of the largest human and industrial concentrations in Europe, the Grand Est is the open door to your markets in the Benelux countries, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and of course France! An exceptional location, served by a network of dynamic, human-sized metropolises, and modern, high-performance road, rail and digital infrastructures  

A high-level HR pool 

The 200,000 students of the Universities and Grandes Ecoles of Eastern France provide an exceptional pool to ensure your needs in management, administration, finance, development or R&D skills. In Reims and Troyes, you will attract skills from Paris, along the border, bicultural and multilingual employees, and in all our major cities, you will have access to human resources from our large companies and international institutions.

Managing costs

Commercial real estate is booming in our cities, offering companies ideal working conditions at a much lower cost than in the capital cities. Human resources, residential property, services and land are all levers that ensure cost control, a higher quality of life and the retention of your teams.