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A rich heritage and an exceptional quality of life

Discover a rich and contrasting natural spectacle with the Vosges mountains, the Lorraine plateau, the Hautes-Chaumes and the Champagne vineyards.

Beautiful landscapes in the Eastern France

Centuries of history in the setting of a beautiful garden, laid out by time and the hand of man, which is expressed in every paving stone, every meal, every encounter!

Beautiful landscapes in the Eastern France

Beauty is everywhere. From the rolling hills of the Champagne vineyards to the natural sanctuaries of the Rhine forest, from the granite cliffs reflected in the waters of the Vosges lakes, to the spires of the cathedrals of Strasbourg and Reims, from the cobbled streets of the medieval towns to the bold architecture of the European quarters, Eastern France is a perfect mix of urban areas, picturesque villages and untouched nature.

Culture and social life

After enjoying the abundance of outdoor activities the countryside has to offer, you can sample world-class cuisine in one of the 52 Michelin-starred restaurants, taste the famous wines, champagnes or craft beers, then round off your experience with an evening at the Opera, the Philharmonic or the Ballet.

The region is full of exceptional sites (UNESCO, Petites Cités de Caractère) and a museum, castle and religious heritage of exceptional influence. A strategic position at the heart of Europe offers memorial sites and unmissable events such as GEMAB, Christmas in Alsace, or Saint Nicolas in Lorraine.

Finally, with 6 regional nature parks, 48 nature reserves and nearly 30 lakes and 50 canals, Eastern France allows you to rediscover your connection with nature. The region’s landscape invites you to go hiking, horse riding and cycling.

Towns on a human scale to visit or to live in

Colmar, the medieval jewel of central Alsace, with its peaceful canals, winding pedestrian streets and flower-filled half-timbered facades, is a tourist magnet with easy access to the picturesque villages of the wine route or the ski slopes of the Vosges.

Mulhouse, which shares an international airport with its neighbour Basel in Switzerland, is a dynamic industrial centre with the best selection of technical museums in France.

The beautiful city of Reims with its cathedral and champagne cellars on the Sainte-Nicaise hill attracts thousands of tourists every year.

Strasbourg, the European capital, is a dynamic European metropolis which, in addition to having one of France’s largest universities, is home to a maze of wonderful pedestrian streets around one of the world’s most beautiful buildings – our very own Notre Dame Cathedral.