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Regional strategy

The BAGE (Business Act Grand Est) focuses regional action on three drivers of transformation: digital, environmental and industrial. Its objective is to stimulate the transformation of the economy along these lines.

Digital transformation

Real time, dematerialisation, connected objects, data stocks, allow companies to become more competitive, reduce costs, improve processes and market new services. Its technological challenges are 5G, AI, IoT, cybersecurity, cloud, …

Environmental transformation

Ecological and energy transition is the key to all efforts, particularly in the fight against global warming. Challenges include decarbonisation, biodiversity, waste management, soil protection, etc…

Industrial transformation

The challenges are technological (control, simulation, flexibility, robotisation, materials, etc.), economic (relocation, local circuits, circular economy, etc.) and societal. The Grand Est, a historic industrial bastion, offers ideal conditions for solution providers to develop in France and Europe.